Huck 2015 Rivet Gun
Huck 2015 Rivet Gun

Huck 2015 Rivet Gun

Huck 2015 Rivet Gun

Huck 2015 Gun Features:

The Model 2015 series tools are lightweight, high speed production tools designed to install 3/32 and 1/4 nail type blind fasteners. An integral nose assembly increases reliability and simplifies use of this tool. The 2015V, with vacuum boost selector switch ON, has two functions:

1. With tool in any position, vacuum holds fastener firmly in nose assembly.

2. Vacuum expels broken pintail into pintail collector.

Pulling action of the pull piston is provided by a pneumatic-hydraulic (pneudraulic) intensifier system powered by 90-100 psi air pressure. The air inlet is equipped with a connector with 1/4-18 female pipe threads to accept your air hose or quick connect fitting. The piston return stroke is spring actuated.

Huck 2015 Gun Manual

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Huck 2015 is a product of Arconic Fastening Systems, NAPPCO Fastener Company is an authorized distributor of Huck 2015 - Arconic

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