Huck/Arconic Oil and Gas

Huck fasteners are designed to securely meet the requirements of a wide range of demanding oil and gas applications – from equipment assembly, to skid mounting of equipment, to safely installing accessories on rig structures.  In fact, in many cases these engineered fasteners can replace welding, offering a faster, safer, and more productive joining alternative.

The broad line of Huck fasteners, which includes structural blind fasteners, blind bolts, and HuckBolt® lockbolts, provides a wide range of characteristics and performance, providing a solid match of fastener to application. 

Torque-Free Installation

For the toughest jobs, the company’s line of Huck Bolts® deliver extremely high shear and tensile strength and are proven to hold tight in high- vibration environments. Featuring smooth, stress-free, direct-tension/swaged-on installation, advanced two-piece Huck Bolts ensure a fast and easy joining process.  No torque is ever required to achieve the level industry-leading clamp and clamp consistency that ensures a long-term, vibration-resistant joint.

This smooth, jolt-free process eliminates the potential for repetitive stress syndrome that can be a problem when torque wrenches are used.  In addition, only limited training is required to install Huck Bolts, and a quick visual inspection is all that is required to determine a quality-assured joint. 

Safe, Efficient Alternative To Welding

Huck Bolts have been proven as viable alternative to welding in the high vibration environments of trucks and trailers, railcars, and track, where they have eliminated the need for high-price, certified welding personnel.  In fact, in many applications, Huck Bolts have been proven superior to welding in terms of speed and accuracy of installation, safety, and overall productivity.

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