Marson® Poly-Nut

Marson® Poly-Nut

Marson® Rivet Nuts- Poly-Nut

Marson® Poly-Nuts can be used in a wide range of applications and are designed to provide a very efficient and cost-effective method of placing permanent threads in thin materials. Installed from one side, Marson® Poly-Nuts are perfect for use in metal, fiberglass and rigid plastic previously too thin for tapped threads. Klik Poly-Nuts provide a nearly flush appearance and once in place, the internal threads are ready for a screw or bolt.

Lightweight tooling assures easy installation by the operator and reduces costs when compared with other methods. After installation, Marson® Poly-Nuts provide permanent, captive threads that do not allow loosening under vibration and will not rotate when attached to the mating material.

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Marson® Poly-Nut is a product of Marson Corporation, NAPPCO Fastener Company is an authorized distributor of Marson® Poly-Nut - Marson Corporation

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