POP® Open End Rivets

Nappco Fastener Co. is an authorized distributor of POP® Open End Rivets.

POP® Open End Rivets available:(5052 Aluminum Body/Aluminum Mandrel, 5056 Aluminum Body/Steel Mandrel, C1006-C1010 Steel Body/Steel Mandrel, 300 Series Stainless Steel Body/Stainless Steel Mandrel, 300 Series Stainless Steel Body/Steel Mandrel, and 110 Copper Body/Steel Mandrel)

Rivet styles include: Domed Head, Large Flange, and 120° Countersunk.

Finish: Plain /Plain, Plain /Protective Coating, and Zinc/Protective Coating. Call 1-800-580-2521 for availability.

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