15-25%  Cost reduction is typical for our customers after moving to our VMI solutions programs! 

VMI Program

VMI Cost Reductions 

Reduces the costs and the number of steps in the supply process for cost savings 

CMI Savings
VMI Cost Reductions

All VMI programs are thoroughly researched using our documented 4-Step VMI Implementation and Management Program. We will custom tailor a VMI solution to your company's specific needs with our step-by-step process which we have developed successfully over 20 years. Many of our customers have multiple programs within the same manufacturing facility. We will carefully consider your special requirements and procedures so all processes run in the most efficient manner. 

We will utilize our flexibility and versatility to create the program that best fits your needs reducing costs, eliminating waste, and allowing for quick adjustments to market changes. We also recognize that there must be timely reviews of processes to continually adjust the programs as needed. We ensure your employees will have more time because our VMI programs allow LESS:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Checks
  • Material Management
  • QC Inspections
  • Quotes
  • Vendors
  • Safety Stock
  • Returns and Credits
  • Freight
  • Paperwork
  • Over Ordering
  • Invoices
  • Receiving
  • Expediting
  • Excess Inventory and Carrying Costs
  • Stocking and Kitting
  • Decrease Excess and Obsolete Parts