Fasteners at NAPPCO are stocked in various grades and types of steel, stainless, bronze, monel, fiberglass, brass, Teflon and nylon. We also stock domestic Gr. 5 & 8 zinc, zinc & yellow plated, hex, cap screws. Traceable with lot number and test reports.

We have in stock or available bolts to meet SAE or ASTM specifications to ANSI standards or we can furnish bolts to your special needs (including metric).

Bolts || Washers || Rivets || Sockets || Stocking || Nuts || Screws || Pins || Electronic Hardware || Metric || Electrical || Engineered Fasteners || Spacers & Standoffs || Hardware || Construction || Nappco Specialty Hardware Lines || Drills and Tops || All Thread Rod || Fasteners || Tie Wraps || Solderless Wire Lugs || Latches and 1/4 turn Fasteners || Inserts || Huck Fasteners || Anchors || Huck Guns and Tooling


Hex Head, Low Carbon, Grade 5 - 8 Domestic, B7, B8, B8M - bolts, studs, nuts, Zinc Plated, Cad. Plated, Hot-dip Galvanized, Nylon, Bronze, Stainless 18-8 (302, 303, 304, 316, & Monel), Specials - ASTM, 12 Point Ferry Cap, and, Carriage


Cross Drilled Sockets, Shoulder Bolts, Break Away Bolts, Captive, Bent Bolts, Stampings, Screw Machine Parts, Hot Forged, Cold Formed, and Custom Machining


Blind, Solid, Semi Tubular, Drive, Structural, POP, Tools, Huck - Alcoa, and Marson - Alcoa


Dowel, Cotter, Grooved, Roll, Spirol, Clevis, and Taper Specials


Socket & Cap Screws, Flat Head, Button, Shoulder, Set Screws - Various Points, Pipe Plug, Tamperproof, Specials, All Materials,  and Metric


Machine, Sems, Thread Cutters - (Type F, 23, 25), Thread Styles Type - (A, B, AB), Sealing - (ADM), Rolok - Thread Rolling screws, Taptite, Specials - Including Metric, Plastite - For Plastics, Tamperproof, Tapping, Self Drilling, and Drywall


Wedge Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Drop in Anchor, Hollow Wall Anchor, Toggle Bolts, Pin Grip, and EZ Anchor


Hex, Wing, Cap, Esna, PEM®, Flexloc, Keps,J ack & Wells, Specials,Finished, Heavy 2H (B8, B8M), Machine Screw, Nylon insert, Stover, Jam Coupling, and Flange


U-Bolt, J-Bolt, L-Anchor, Hose Clamp, Eye Bolt, Wire Rope Clips, TurnBuckles, and S Hooks


Flat, Belleville, Int. Tooth, Ext. Tooth, Lock Split, Shoulder, Specials, Fender, USS & SAE


Round, Hex, Square, Hinged, Swage, Clinching, All materials